5 Ideas For Cougar Dates

Keep reading if you want 5 ideas for cougar dates. Older women are much more in tune with their wants, needs, and desires. They are also a lot more mature than most younger women–with all these amazing aspects, it’s no wonder cougars are so appealing! With every date the two of you go on together, always remember to be a gentleman.

  1. Try something she’s never done before. Most cougars are looking to do things they never did when they were younger. Have a little chat with her and find out something she has always wanted to do, and hasn’t yet and make it into a date. It could be anything — a moonlit walk on the beach, mini golfing, skydiving, etc.
  2. Go dancing. Take your date to a club and spend the night dancing together. It’s a great way to get close and intimate with one another. If either of you are nervous, have a few drinks to help you relax. Going dancing at a club is a great date idea if you’re lucky enough to have snagged a cougar.
  3. Travel together. If she’s into it, plan a trip together. Trips are a great way to spend time and get to know one another. Go somewhere new and exciting for the both of you (Hawaii, Cancun, Ireland, etc.) Any woman would love this date idea.
  4. Plan a date to meet her kids. If the cougar you are dating has kids, it’s important that you meet and get along with her kids if you plan to progress further than just dating. Take she and her kids out to eat and then do something fun. Some fun ideas would be seeing a movie, going bowling, taking all of them to a water park, etc.
  5. Go sailing. Rent a sail boat and take her sailing. Spending the day cruising the ocean can be very romantic. Bring lunch for the two of you and anchor the boat somewhere. Enjoy the view of the ocean while eating and conversing with one another.
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