5 Ideas For Cufflinks Storage

Cufflink storage is very important to the man who has developed an extensive collection and wants them to be stored safely when not in use, so here are 5 ideas for cufflink storage. Each method seeks to protect the item from damage while leaving it easily accessible for speedy collection later.

  1. The most obvious method of storage for the cufflink is the traditional jewelry box. A jewelry box will usually have multiple compartments and drawers that are small enough to contain the cufflink without it being crowded by other items it could become entangled with such as necklaces.
  2. Another prime method of cufflink storage is a custom cufflink box. Cufflink boxes can be purchased crafted from leather with numerous fitted compartments sized perfectly for the average cufflink. These cases usually fold up and will be approximately the size of a large format book when closed.
  3. For the man who tends to wear a different pair of cufflinks with every outfit or who has special occasion cufflinks that only go with one suit, then the ideal choice is to store the cufflinks with the suit they are worn with the most. Take the box the cufflinks came in and place it in a small bag with handles, then hang the handles over the clothes hanger the suit utilizes. This way the cufflinks are removed from the closet with their appointed suit.
  4. The man who only has a few suits that are rotated regularly and who also has a small supply of cufflinks can also store the cufflinks within the cuff of the shirt as it hangs in the closet. This method is only recommended if the suit is regularly worn though, otherwise the cufflinks could leave an impression in the suit material.
  5. The avid cufflink collector could also pick up a cubbyhole shelf for the closet and file their cufflinks within their respective containers and store them within cubbyholes. Each cubbyhole can be labeled with a distinguishing characteristic of the cufflink stored, or they could be sorted based on color or level of dressiness. 

Cufflink storage is an easily solved dilemma, and finding the ideal solution allows for a level of decision making and creativity in the wardrobe or closet.

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