5 Ideas For Dining Table Centerpieces For Men

You need at least 5 Ideas for dining table centerpieces for men. These ideas give a fairly simple and quite classy effect for a dinner party or any time. None of these ideas is too fussy, frilly, or girly. A table cloth and candles can be added to centerpieces one to four to make them extra impressive.

Here are the materials needed to execute five Ideas for dining table centerpieces for men:

Centerpiece 1:

  • 9 deep red roses
  • square, 6”x 6” glass vase
  • water

Centerpiece 2:

  • Seasonal fruit
  • Bowl
  • Fake fruit (optional)

Centerpiece 3:

  • Pumpkins and gourds
  • Silk autumn leaves
  • basket

Centerpiece 4:

  • Glass Christmas tree balls
  • Low Bowl or tray
  • Small evergreen branches 

Centerpiece 5:

  • Three unscented pillar candles
  • Fireproof tray
  • Table runner
  • matches
  1. Put water in the vase. Take the leaves off of the roses. If necessary, cut the stems so the flowers are just above the rim of the vase. Place the nine roses in three rows of three in the square vase. This one is elegant as all heck.
  2. For the most classic dining table centerpiece of all time, use a bowl of fruit. Buy real fruit in three different colors. For example, buy lemons, purple grapes, and red apples. Arrange them in a large bowl, with the heaviest fruit on the bottom. Real fruit can only stay fresh on your dining table for a few days before you must change it. Another option is to buy the best, most realistic fake fruit you can find, and make a permanent arrangement.
  3. In the fall, use an arrangement of pumpkins and gourds. You can get an assortment of small, ornamental gourds in different shapes and shades, and place them in a basket. Then, arrange the silk autumn leaves to peak out of the basket here and there. Another approach is to get just three pumpkins, six to nine inches in diameter, and place them in a row down the center of the table. Scatter the silk leaves around the pumpkins on the table.
  4. At the holidays, line a tray or bowl with sprigs of fresh evergreen that stick out from the edges. Then, add a bunch of Christmas tree glass ball ornaments on top. You can make them all one color, like silver, for a very elegant effect, or go for multiple colors for a more festive feel.
  5. Place the table runner down the center of the longest length of the dining table. Place the fireproof tray in the center of the table. Put the three candles on the tray. Use unscented candles, so no scent will compete with the aroma of the meals you serve at the table. Light the candles for instant ambience.
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