5 Ideas For A Fun Sunday Date

Spending time with someone you enjoy is a reward in itself but sometimes ideas can run low so here are 5 ideas for a fun Sunday date. Rain or shine, Winter or Summer, there are always fun things to do. 

  1. Brunch. Champagne and omelets make for a super fun Sunday date. Going out for brunch means you can sleep in and still enjoy the best meal of the day. Typical brunch hours are from 10am to 3pm. You can get the typical scrambled eggs and bacon, pastries, fruit and some offer roasted meats and desserts. For an extra special twist, make reservations at a nice restaurant and dress up for the date.
  2. The Aquarium. Marvel at florescent jelly fish and listen to seal squeals at your local aquarium. Most metropolitan areas have one and are open on Sundays. Larger aquariums have Imax theaters, interactive shows and special exhibits that change. By the time you get to the shark tank you'll be flooded with child hood memories and a renewed sense of wonder.
  3. Outdoor or Indoor Picnic. No matter what the weather is like you can still have a romantic picnic. In the cold months, spread a blanket on the floor and set out your food. Light candles or snag a spot in front of a fireplace if you can. After your meal and a little wine, read each other some poetry. You'll both be swooning.
  4. Wine tasting. Local wineries are popping up all over the country. Many counties offer wine tasting tours that include shuttle transportation between locations. Discover what your local wine culture is all about and have a ton of fun doing it with your date.
  5. Get lost. Go for a Sunday drive with no destination. Bring your favorite music, turn off the GPS and drive. Take turns picking the direction. It's a great way to learn more about one another since you'll be sitting side by side. It will bring an adventurous spirit to the relationship and since you are getting lost on purpose, no one can fight over whether to ask for directions.
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