5 Ideas For Office Diet Contests

These are five ideas for office diet contests that can get you and your co-workers working together toward weight loss and improved health. Office diet contests are a fun way to promote wellness in the workplace. The following are some ideas for your own office diet contest.

1. Use pedometers to track your daily steps.
Then record them in a central place within the office. Have each co-worker set personal goals for the number of steps they want to take per day. The person who takes the most steps at the end of the contest wins.

2. Have your own "Biggest Loser" contest. Ask each of your co-workers to weigh themselves on the contest start date. Record their weights on a piece of paper (or on your computer), and keep them out of public view so that nobody feels badly about others knowing their true weight. Ask everyone to weigh themselves again on the final day of the contest. Whoever has lost the most weight wins.

3. Set a specific weight loss goal. Record everyone's weight on a piece of paper (again, keep this in a private place) on the contest start day, and each week thereafter. The first person to lose the amount of weight specified wins the contest.

4. Set up a fitness challenge to motivate your co-workers to begin exercising more. Have each of your co-workers log the amount of time they exercise in a central location within the office. Whoever has logged in the most time at the end of the contest wins.

5. Divide participants into teams. Each team logs their total weight to start the contest. Throughout the contest, they support each other to eat healthy and exercise. At the end of the contest, the team that has lost the most weight collectively wins.

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