5 Ideas For Sex Games

If you are looking to add a little spice to your sex life you may be interested in these 5 ideas for sex games. Sex games don’t have to be naughty or kinky unless you want them to be. Sex games are a great way to form a give and take sexual relationship or to add a little adventure to an otherwise monotonous situation.

  1. Board games. Although there are a variety of sex board games available you can easily turn any old board game into a sexy one. Put your own spin on the random board games. For example, if playing Monopoly instead of collecting rent collect a sexual favor such as a blow job. Be sure to set a time limit on each act so that the game doesn’t end too quickly.
  2. Sexy dice. Make two lists numbers from 1 to 6. On one list have six body parts. On the other six sexy acts. Use two dices that are either different colors or marked so you know the difference. Each player takes a turn rolling the dice matching each number to a body part and an act to perform.
  3. Role playing. Pick a scenario you want to act out and play the part. The ideas are endless and fantasies can come to life. From the naughty nurse to the sultry student you can act out your wildest fantasies. Use props and costumes to bring the scenes to life.
  4. Black out shower. Showering together can be the most sensual experience. When you add total darkness it becomes even more erotic because you can’t see what your partner is going to do next. Not being able to see anything can often let inhibitions go free and let the wild side run wild.
  5. 60-seconds. Get your egg times ready. Set the timer at 60 seconds and perform the sex act of your choice. For the next 60-seconds it is her turn to choose. Keep switching until your timer runs out. 
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