5 Identity Theft Red Flags

Since there is no way for us to completely avoid identify theft, understanding the 5 identity theft red flags would be for your own benefit in the long run. Regardless of your level of intelligence and alertness, identity theft can happen at any place and at any time without your acknowledgement. Nevertheless, you can possibly save yourself from becoming a victim of this popular fraud as soon as you memorize the following 5 identity theft red flags.

  1. Unexplained open accounts and debts on current accounts. Let's say unexpectedly, you are getting five new credit cards in the mail. There are no receipts or paperwork indicating that you have opened these new accounts. If you keep great track of all the records of your financial accounts, you should be able to spot this identity theft red flag in a second!
  2. Incorrect information on credit reports. Pay close attention to all these false information. If they are just some typos or misprints which occur sometimes on our credit reports, you have nothing to worry about. However, if the wrong items appear that you cannot recognize, such as a new credit card account, more than likely, it is an identity theft red flag.
  3. Missing bills or any financial statements in the mail. You have been wondering what happened to your credit card bills as you are not getting them accordingly. Your credit card companies told you that the statements have been mailed out for awhile, and you should have received them by now. When the mailing address you are verifying is not your original one, the identity theft red flag explains it all.
  4. Unreasonable credit denials. It should take you a second to tell that this is an identity theft red flag if you have an excellent credit history. Another thing is that you don't have a single missing payment in your life. Just keep in mind that terrible things must have happened to your history in order to get any new credits turned down.
  5. Unknown communications from debt collectors or businesses. If you have not been making any purchases from any stores, it does not make sense for you to get a follow up phone call or letter regarding to the purchase. Out of the blue, debt collectors are inquiring about all your unpaid balances. The funny thing is that you paid all the bills in full and on time as usual. You can immediately conclude that these two situations are the identity theft red flags.
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