5 Indoor Beach Party Decor Ideas

There are numerous indoor beach party decor ideas that will help you create a festive atmosphere for your guests. Hosting an indoor beach party is great way to ward of the winter blues or have a casual get-together anytime of the year. The decorations don’t have to be difficult; it they don’t even have to be expensive. However, choosing the right items will help set the mood for the entire party.


  1. Leis: Not only should you give each guest a lei when they arrive at your indoor beach party, but place them all over the room as well. Hang them from the wall and ceiling and place bunches of them on tables around the room.               
  2. Hawaiian shirts: When you think party decor, shirts probably don't come to mind. However, when it comes to indoor beach party decor, Hawaiian shirts are an excellent choice. Purchase three or four shirts and make sure they are completely flattened out before hanging them on the walls. They can also be draped over the backs of chairs.
  3. Travel posters: Most travel agencies hang up posters of various places in their office. You can contact travel agencies to see if they have any old posters that show beach settings. You can also purchase posters online.
  4. Beach balls: The great thing about using beach balls as part of your decor is that they are cheap and can be used in a variety of ways. Purchase beach balls in many different sizes. Inflated them and begin to strategically place them throughout the party area. Once you have some of them placed around the room, attach string to the others. A small piece of duct tape should ensure the string attaches to the top of the beach ball throughout the night. After the string is attached, hang the rest of the beach balls from the ceiling.
  5. Table decor: Start by spreading a white tablecloth over a table. Hang a grass table skirt to give the table a tropical feel. Fish bowls will be the main focus of the table. Using fish bowls as part of your indoor beach party decor will help bring the element of water into the room. Use a large fish bowl filled with water, colorful pebbles and tropical colored fish as the centerpiece of your buffet table. Purchase smaller fish bowls to fill with chips, pretzels and other snacks. To finish the table, scatter sand over the tabletop. Build small piles of sand and place seashells and small plastic shovels sticking out of the mounds.      
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