5 Indoor Party Games

Want to learn about 5 indoor party games? Parties are a great way to get your friends and family together to share some good times and good food. Maybe you’re looking for ways to fill the time during your party or to just simply keep your guests entertained. These 5 indoor party games should help ease any uncomfortable moments of boredom.

  1. Cards. Cards are a never ending source of fun. One of the best things about cards that with a group of people each person will be able to bring a different card game to the table. There are many variations to card games too. If you have alcohol at your party and you don’t mind it getting a little out of hand there are various card drinking games that can be played.
  2. Games. The Wii is an interactive game system that many adults enjoy. There are various types of games, from game shows, sports, and even party pack games that your guests will enjoy playing. If you’re in a crowd of competitive people this will be a fun and interesting way to pass some time during your party.
  3. Board Games. From the old, classic board games to adult, risky type board games you are sure to find something to meet your guest list. Board games are a fun way to sit around a table in a casual setting, enjoy the game and also share in conversation.
  4. All in a Name. This is a simple and easy game that requires no set up or props. You need to teams to start. Once you have your teams, separate into two groups and make sure you have plenty of room between the groups. The object is to come up with songs that either list the guests' names in the lyrics or the title. In the end the team with the most songs matching guests' names is the winner. It might be wise to have a computer around to verify some of the song titles people will try to pass off as legit songs.
  5. A talent competition. This can be a lot of laughs. Have your guests perform their talent for the crowd. Pick three judges to judge the contest and make sure you have some sort of trinket prize for the winner of the talent competition.



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