5 Indoor Photography Tips

These are five tips for indoor photography. Photography can be tricky, as it is not always easy to get your perfect shot, but by following these five tips, your money shot will be less elusive as you take wonderful indoor pictures.

  1. Know Your Flash's Limit- If taking a picture with the lights off, then you will need to use your flash. Knowing your flash's limit is kind of a big deal. If you stand too far away just assuming your flash will reach that far, you will be left with dull pictures. And nobody wants that when they are taking indoor pictures.
  2. Do Not Always Center- So many people are tempted to center the image they are focusing on. It has become overplayed and not so interesting. To say the least, it is bland. Try placing the focus of th picture slightly to the right or the left. This is great for indoor photo taking because it will leave the picture rather adventurous.
  3. Know Your Lighting- If you are taking indoor photos, do not snap a pic with a lightbulb in it. This will encourage glare in your pictures and that is never wanted. Take your pictuures in a well lit room, but not near your source of light.
  4. Do Not Be Afraid To Focus- Focusing your pictures is a creative way to add pizaz to any indoor photo. Focusing on a certain object will, in turn, make the background blurry. This will give you a sharper picture while giving your pictures a more proffesional look.
  5. Avoid Poses- If taking an indoor picture of a person or people, avoid poses. These look generic and can take away from a photo. You want your pictures to look spontanious and unplanned.

By following these tips when taking indoor photgraphs you pictures will be the talk of the party. They will look more proffesional than others and people might even want to know if you majored in photography by following these five simple tips.

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