5 Indoor Skydiving Tricks

If you enjoy indoor skydiving, then you should know these five indoor skydiving tricks. These are the tricks every indoor skydiving enthusiast should know before hopping into the big fan. These tricks are all pretty basic, and as long as the fan pushing you up doesn’t malfunction you should be pretty safe trying any of these tricks.

  1. The first trick you need to know is the front flip. This indoor skydiving trick is probably the one everyone will do first and is actually very fun because it pushes the sense of weightlessness to the extreme. Make sure you are far enough away from the ground before attempting this because it is quite possible you could hit your head on the bottom of the indoor skydiving fan while trying to do this trick.
  2. The barrel roll is another trick that is quite fun. To do this trick all you have to do is roll to the side while indoor skydiving, either side will work. Doing this will make you feel like you are simply rolling on air because quite frankly, you are. Change it up a little up and go left instead of right too!
  3. The Superman is one that isn’t as fun alone, but is great to combine with the barrel roll while indoor skydiving. To do it simply straighten your body out until you look like Superman. If you are feeling daring, barrel roll while in this position and you’ll feel like you are actually flying through a scene where you have to dodge obstacles.
  4. The back flip. The opposite of the front flip, the back flip, is a little more difficult to do while indoor skydiving because you have to spread your body out instead of bringing it in like the front flip. Once again make sure you have enough room to complete the flip without getting hit.
  5. Strike a pose while indoor skydiving. This trick can be different depending on what you want to do. Some will lay down on their side and hold their head up with their arm, some will pretend like they are lounging in a seat. This isn’t a specific trick but be creative!
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