5 Interior Designing Ideas For Men

There are 5 interior designing ideas for men that are simple, quick and relatively inexpensive that will create a cohesive and interesting living space. An apartment or home requires decorating, and interior designing, unfortunately, often takes the route of the feminine and expensive. However, recent interior design ideas for men have made decorating homes easier and resulted in the space actually being livable.

  1. Go modern. If you like clean lines and simplicity, decorate your home with modern furniture and decorative objects. Oftentimes, modern interior design consists of steel rather than wood furniture. Simplicity is the theme of modern decorating, meaning that less is more. This interior design idea will enable you to purchase only a few pieces of furniture and have a completely decorated house, thereby lifting the pressure on your wallet.
  2. Stay monochromatic. A monochromatic interior design scheme is one where the owner has decorated the entire house in shades of the same color. This design theme will enable you to pick your favorite color and purchase or collect objects and furniture in that color, regardless of whether they exactly match the other items. This design is interesting to the eye and displays your effort in decorating your home.
  3. Be neutral, but not like Switzerland. Another interior design idea for men is to decorate their residence entirely in neutral browns, creams and whites. Staying with an earth-toned color palate will make separated areas appear unified. However, do not go overboard with neutrality as that could create a very boring look. Instead, try to incorporate one or two bold colors to spice up the neutrals. For example, deep burgundy or black accents, such as pillows, picture frames or vases will add another dimension to the room and prevent neutral-colored furniture from blending in to each other.
  4. Make it comfortable, but not drab. A good interior design scheme will create a house that is livable; this means that you should not put anything into your home that you find uncomfortable or cumbersome. However, a comfortable home can often begin to appear drab, particularly if furniture is dark colored and not newly purchased. Prior to using a piece of furniture in your house, seriously consider whether it is in good shape and presentable to guests. This same critique should be made whenever you are considering purchasing used furniture.
  5. Select one piece to incorporate everywhere. Another great interior design idea for men is to choose one object or piece of art and use it throughout the house. This does not mean that you have to go overboard and have every item in your residence the exact same, but rather that one or two objects in each room should invoke the same theme.



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