5 Intermediate Snowboarding Tricks

Beginner snowboarders are usually pretty eager to move on the more sensational intermediate snowboarding tricks. After you've nailed down some basic aerials like an ollie and maneuvers like sideslipping you are ready to test the waters of intermediate snowboarding with tricks that combine several snowboarding skills.

  1. A wheelie is an intermediate trick that is more complicated than it looks. The goal of a wheelie is to ride for a distance with the front or nose of your board off the ground. You'll need a bit of speed so don't attempt a wheelie until you're comfortable with down hill boarding. Once you've hit a moderate speed, lean back onto your back foot and pull your front foot up. The core of the wheelie is balance; you'll need to keep your lateral balance as well as your front-back weight balance to keep yourself from falling. If you can do a wheelie on the first try, then try a nose wheelie; instead of lifting the front of the board, pull up the back without catching your front edge and face planting.
  2. Rail tricks are ideal for intermediate snowboarders. After you've mastered the wheelie, attempt to perform a wheelie on a rail, called a five-o grind. Any basic rail trick involves performing an ollie into a rail or box and then riding the surface until you can safely dismount. Approach the rail at a comfortable speed; timing is essential so time your ollie well so that you end up solidly on the rail. Once you're up, keep your board parallel to the rail and lean onto your back leg while lifting your front foot. Keep the board's nose in the air while you ride the rail. Drop the nose prior to dismounting.
  3. A rock-and-roll grind is an intermediate trick in which the board is perpendicular instead of parallel to the rail. Time an ollie so you land on the rail. Once you're on the rail, turn your board so that the two are perpendicular. The key here is not clipping the edge of your board or falling off either side of the rail. At the end of the rail, return your board to a riding position and dismount.
  4. Spin tricks are a challenging intermediate snowboarding trick. In a spin trick, you use the momentum and force of your upper body to spin your board. After you have some experience performing surface spins in which you either switch your leading edge or perform nose rolls to change direction, test out some aerial spins. Approach a small jump at a moderate speed. At the end of your jump, bend your knees and twist the top half of your body so that you are looking at the back of your board. Once you're airborne, return your torso with some force back to the front of your board. The momentum of your upper board should twist the board around 180 degrees. If you are comfortable with a half-spin, you can advance to higher jumps that give you enough air time to perform a full spin.
  5. halfpipe snowboarding tricks tend to be the most spectacular, but even intermediate snowboarders can test some halfpipe tricks. The alley-oop is the standard halfpipe trick for intermediate snowboarders. In alley-oop, approach the lip of the halfpipe at a fairly high speed so you have enough time to complete the turn while you're in the air. Bend your knees and push off slightly to propel yourself into the air. You can grab the edge of your board as you lean your upper and lower body into the direction you want to turn. The goal is to make an arc in the air so that you turn 180 degrees. Let go of your board before your land. Try to keep your board straight and flat to increase the likelihood of a smooth landing.
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