5 iPod Classic Tips & Tricks

Here are 5 iPod Classic tips & tricks. The iPod Classic is still used by many people as their primary mode of listening to music on the go. If you're interested in getting the most out of your iPod Classic experience, read some of these tips and tricks.

  1. Increase battery life. If you're concerned about how long your iPod's battery lasts, there are two main factors that you can adjust to get a better result: the screen brightness and the volume. Decreasing either or both will increase the average life of your battery per charge. Make sure to dim or turn off the backlight when you don't need it. Having the latest software from Apple is also likely to optimize battery performance since the engineers often install improvements that can have an effect on battery life. Take advantage of the hold button to turn your iPod off when you're not using it.
  2. Reset your iPod. Toggle the hold button at the top of the unit on (so it's red) and then off (so it's white again). Then hold the menu and select keys together for several seconds until the screen goes black. The device will then boot up. This can help clear the flash memory if your device freezes.
  3. Increasing the volume. If your iPod Classic's sound is very low, you can help negate that by changing the equalizer settings for your music in iTunes. While you could go in and manually chance the individual frequencies of sound in the equalizer, there's also a preset called "Loudness" that will just make your music louder and easier to hear.
  4. Play iPod videos on your TV. There are many new tricks to get iPod videos to play back on your television nowadays, but none of these tricks work with the iPod classic. If you want to play iPod videos on your TV, your only option is to buy the Apple Component AV Cable.
  5. Unresponsive click wheel. If your click wheel is unresponsive, try focusing on the outside of the wheel instead of the center, since that part of the wheel is more sensitive.
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