5 iPod Nano Tips

Looking for 5 iPod Nano tips? The iPod Nano comes loaded with tons of cool features and applications. The tips below will help you get the most out of your iPod Nano.

  1. Use your iPod as an alarm clock. With the iPod Nano, there is no need to have a traditional alarm clock. Your iPod Nano can wake you up with a beeping sound or by playing one of your favorite songs. To access the alarm clock on your iPod Nano, just go to "Clock," which is located in "Extras," and turn the alarm clock on. You can set a wake-up time by clicking on "Time," and you can choose what sound you want waking you up by clicking on "Sound."
  2. Reset your iPod. There are a ton of third party applications available for your iPod Nano. Unfortunately, many of these applications can wreak havoc with your iPod due to formatting issues. If any of these applications freeze your iPod Nano, you can reset it by holding the "Menu" and center buttons at the same time.
  3. Set a sleep timer. Many people like to fall asleep with their television or stereo on. Your iPod Nano also has a built in sleep timer, so you can doze off while listening to your favorite tunes. From the "Extras" screen of your iPod Nano, click on "Clock" and then "Sleep Timer." You can program your iPod Nano to turn off in fifteen minutes or even two hours.
  4. Record with your iPod. Why make a shopping list when you can record your list via the audio recorder of your iPod Nano? To use the voice recorder, go to "Voice Memo" and select "Start Recording." You can pause the recording any time by pressing the "Menu" button and resume it by pressing the center button. When you are done recording, just go to "Menu" and then "Stop" and "Save."
  5. Set a volume limit. Most people do not know that their iPod Nano has a default volume limit. If you like to blast your music, you can raise the volume limit. Just go to "Settings" and click on "Volume Limit." From there, you will be able to raise the limit until your music is playing at a level that you are comfortable with.



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