5 Irish Drinking Games

Here are 5 Irish drinking games everyone should play no matter what your national origin. Irish drinking games aren't just for St. Patty's day anymore. So, grab your favorite brew, a few of your best lads and lasses and have a grand time.

  1. Quarters – The Irish Way –  A little variation on the traditional game and miles better than beer pong, Irish quarters will keep you and your friends drinking 'till the cows come home. The first person spins a quarter and drinks as much beer as possible until the quarter stops spinning. Then that player chooses the next person to drink. Everybody wins!
  2. Hot 'Tator – A version of hot potato with an actual potato, and plenty of shots. Put on some Celtic music, then have your friends sit in a circle. The potato is handed from person to person until the music is cut off. The one left with the potato must take a shot. This game doesn't really have an ending, so be prepared find a place to sleep that night.
  3. Irish Poker – Deal four cards face down to each player. Each person must guess the color of the first card of the player next to them.  If they guess right, they get to choose two players to take shots. If they guess wrong, they must drink themselves. For the second card, the players must guess whether the card was higher or lower than their previous card. Third card is guessing if the card number is in between or outside of the previous cards. The fourth card is guessing the suite. As with the first, winners choose who drinks, losers drink themselves.
  4. Luck O' the Irish – This Irish drinking game played with dice. You'll also need some shots of your favorite beverage. One by one, have every person roll a die. The person with the lowest number downs the first shot. In case of a tie, the person who screams out "Blarney!" first is the winner and the loser does the shot. Continue playing until all players can no longer count.
  5. Power Hour – This is possibly the most easiest of the Irish drinking games but the most potent. Spend an hour with friends doing a shot of beer every minute. At the end of the hour, try to form a complete sentence, and possibly find a quiet place to lay down. Fun!
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