5 Issues Associated With Semen Viscocity Thickness Problems

For every man worried about health, it is a good to know the 5 issues associated with semen viscosity thickness problems that can appear at anytime. You may have already noticed this issue, so before or after consulting a professional, it is good to start your own personal research.

Proper Body Hydration. The first thing you should be aware of when your semen is too thick is that your body needs more hydration. Drinking water not only refills your body, but it also cleans all your internal system in a very natural and simple manner. It is one of the best ways to regulate the thickness of your semen. When you see that your semen is too thick, you are probably not getting enough water in your diet. This does not include other beverages such as juices, soda or beer. The basic idea of what you need to know is that the more water you drink, the healthier your semen will be. Having eight glasses of water a day should improve this semen viscosity problem in about one month. 

Daily Eating Disorder. Another issue you can commonly relate to semen thickness problems is not eating a proper diet. Semen viscosity variation is one sign of an unbalanced diet. To be healthier, the semen must receive three important amino acids: L-arginine,  L-lysine and L-camitine. What do they do? They help increase the amount and quality of semen based on the types of food you ingest. To improve your diet and your semen thickness quality, try to include foods like meat, granola, oatmeal, spinach and tuna into your diet.

Lack of Lycopene. The problem with lycopene is that your body may not be getting the right amount of it. This is a good antioxidant component that helps semen to have the consistent viscosity it should always have. A lack of lycopene will result in thin semen. People who have a very active sex life should try to eat foods rich in lycopene, such as tomatoes, carrots and watermelon. These vegetables and fruits contain high amounts of lycopene that will help you keep good semen quality over a long period of time.

Frequent Repetitive Ejaculation. This is a very important issue to highlight, as a large part of the male population tends to ejaculate many times during sex or masturbation. It is a common practice of young people and also a bad habit. Orgasms associated with ejaculation can be dangerous when repeated frequently over short periods of time. There should be a period of rest between ejaculations. This will help maintain semen viscosity and thickness. Less frequent ejaculation is a habit that should be practiced for health reasons.

Prostate Issues. Until now, you have read about some common problems that are not too difficult to control. You can always adjust your lifestyle and habits. However, prostate issues should also be considered if none of the other problems mentioned above apply to you. You should consult a doctor if you feel constant pain in the prostate area. If the pain is sporadic, you should still have a professional check to ensure there are no serious issues.

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