5 Japanese Sex Moves

From studying geishas to the country’s very developed pornography scene, these 5 Japanese sex moves will definitely rock your world. The Japanese have a very kinky culture, even though it’s often repressed and underground. Take a peek at some of their sexual secrets in the list below. 

  1. "Breathe" – As the Japanese are known for being nature lovers, they often make something extravagant out of the littlest detail like the way air can leave different sensations on the skin. Similarly, you can use your breath in various ways to excite her senses. Imagine you’re blowing leaves off her body to create a tickling sensation on the skin. Also try recreating summer by breathing hot air on her neck or recreating winter by sucking on her earlobe and then blowing cold air.
  2. "Nibble" – The Japanese are notorious for tiny portions of food and the way they nibble at their small meals to show good manners. You can incorporate this into your sexual escapade by similarly nibbling at different parts of her body. Some typical erogenous zones to explore by nibbling lightly include her bottom lip and her nipples. Also try nibbling her fingers where most of the touch receptors in the body are concentrated.
  3. "Slurp" – Even though the Japanese are nibblers, they go all out when it comes to showing appreciation for good ramen. The strong slurping sound they make when sucking up noodles may be impolite in North America, but is a message to the chef that the noodles are delicious when you’re in Japan. Let your lady know how tasty she is by slurping her juices up when you’re down below.
  4. "Cosplay" – This Japanese contraction of the English words “costume” and “play” speaks to their obsession with dressing up as famous comic book, movie, and videogame characters. Bring this mania into the bedroom by acting as your favorite sexual characters or acting out hot movie scenes. Let yourself go and fantasize with your partner.
  5. "Meditate" – Japanese Zen Buddhists are well respected around the world for their philosophy of simplicity, harmony with nature, and a peaceful state of mind. Incorporate these values into your sexual routine by being especially conscious and mindful, especially during intercourse. Clear your mind and concentrate on the intense connection between your member and her budding flower. The pleasure intensifies the more you’re able to reach a state of sexual communion with your partner.
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