5 Jennifer Lopez Hot Movies

The 5 best Jennifer Lopez hot movies demonstrate how movie audiences will see any Jennifer Lopez movie so long as she permeates the entertainment world with all her projects. Jennifer Lopez, or J-Lo to her friends and enemies alike, has had a dual career in both music as well as motion pictures, and her movie career has spanned a couple of decades. If you are not looking for anything particularly brainy or challenging, you should definitely check out some J-Lo movies.

  1. "Anaconda." "Anaconda" is probably the first Jennifer Lopez movie that can really  be considered hot in the sense that it was seen by a good deal of people and is still in reruns on cable movie channels to this day! In this film, J-Lo plays a member of a National Geographic crew who is shooting a documentary in the Amazon…when everything goes to hell in a handbasket after she and her crew run into the title monster.
  2. "Selena." Another very early Jennifer Lopez hot movie, this one from 1997 is about the Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez, who was shot to death by an obsessed fan as her music career was just taking off. In this movie, Jennifer Lopez does a decent job of capturing the youthful energy and vivaciousness of the title character, which is why it gets the two spot.
  3. "Enough." From 2002, this film showcases Jennifer Lopez's talents in playing a domestic abuse-suffering wife. Particularly good if you have a penchant for man-hating movies that portray men as abusive psychopaths with nothing but misogyny on their minds, "Enough" also stars the dad from that Sela Ward TV series, "Once and Again," Billy Campbell.
  4. "Monster-in-Law." This Jennifer Lopez hot movie from 2005 also marks the return of that epitome of American foreign policy criticism (and sympathizer with the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War) Jane Fonda. In this film, the titular reference is to Jane Fonda's character, who is nothing but a little too overbearing for Jennifer Lopez's likes. It sits at number four for a decent try at a romantic comedy.
  5. "Gigli." "Gigli" only appears on the last slot in this countdown as a celebration of everything bad in the universe of motion pictures; in that perverse sense, it actually is a hot Jennifer Lopez movie! "Gigli" tells the timeless and very heart-melting story of a low-ranking mobster played by Ben Affleck and a lesbian played by Jennifer Lopez, who both try to kidnap the brother of a federal prosecutor. Watch this film, and laugh out loud at its sheer asininity.
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