5 John Cena Movies

The 5 John Cena Movies that you should care about are basically every movie he's ever made. John Cena is a popular wrestler who also dabbled in rap a few years ago, but his movie career is young and fledgling, so if you are a real fan of his, you should do yourself a favor and see these five movies.

  1. "12 Rounds" This is the latest feature film of John Cena's that was released in movie theaters; it was released in March 2009. John Cena plays Detective Danny Fisher who is startled, one day, to find out that his girlfriend has been kidnapped by a criminal he knew from a long time ago. The title refers to the movie's premise, which is that Fisher has to complete twelve obstacles in order to win the release of his girlfriend.
  2. "The Marine" In this movie, John Cena plays a newly discharged marine whose wife is kidnapped (see a pattern yet in John Cena movies?) by a bunch of jewel thieves on the run. The movie has Cena stomping around the South Carolina wilderness in an effort to retrieve his spouse.
  3. "Brother's Keeper" An upcoming, new movie from John Cena, Brother's Keeper has yet to be released. It tells the story of a teen who is book-smart, but who wants to join his school's wrestling team in a plan to bring together his surviving family members after they became estranged, due to the death of his father, a college wrestler, some ten years prior.
  4. "Fred: The Movie" Another John Cena movie that has yet to see release, Fred: The Movie is a comedy that is still in production. It is based on a children's character who was created by a child posting videos on YouTube, and John Cena will play the Fred character's dad.
  5. "OVW: Wrestling's Future Stars" More a documentary than a feature film, this John Cena movie was released way back in 2002 before Cena hit the big time. In the movie, Cena was one of many then-up-and-comers who were being featured as possible, breakout stars. Talk about prophetic.
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