5 John Garfield Movies

Looking for the best 5 John Garfield movies? John Garfield appeared in over thirty movies during his acting career. Many of these movies were blockbuster hits for the period of time he acted (1930 to 1950). The 5 best John Garfield movies include some of the most memorable films of the era. Some of John Garfield's best movies also star other well-known actors, such as Cary Grant, Lana Turner and Joan Crawford. John Garfield began his acting career in 1933 with an uncredited role in the movie "Footlight Parade," where he played a sailor; from here his career blossomed and he became well-known for his parts as a rebel or working-class man. John Garfield passed in his hometown in 1952 due to heart problems. He was thirty-nine.

  1. "Body and Soul" John Garfield was nominated for Best Actor for his role as Charlie Davis in this film. The story centers on Davis taking up boxing to help his mother and himself out of poverty. The plot follows Davis and his new trainer, Quinn (Charlie Conrad), who feels Davis could be a professional fighter. Quinn, however, falls in with the mob and tries to drag Davis down with him. Regarded as perhaps one of the best boxing movies ever, "Body and Soul" is truly John Garfield’s best.
  2. "The Postman Always Rings Twice" Based on James M. Cain’s novel, this film stars John Garfield as drifter Frank Chambers, who finds himself in a tight spot. After taking a job at a roadhouse, he finds himself in the arms of the proprietor's sexy wife Cora Smith (Lana Turner), who convinces him to kill her husband so they can take his insurance money. This film really put John Garfield on the Hollywood map as a noir actor.
  3. "Humoresque" A young musician (John Garfield) moves up from the slums to high society thanks to the tutelage of a lonely, wealthy alcoholic musician played by Joan Crawford. Garfield’s character, Paul Boray, finds himself caught up between being a musician and the adulterous lover of Joan Crawford’s character, Helen Wright. This film was another turning point for John Garfield, clearly putting him on the map as one of Hollywood’s best leading men.
  4. "Gentlemen’s Agreement" In this film John Garfield plays a supporting role as Dave Goldman, a Jewish friend of Gregory Peck’s character (Phil Green). Goldman must live in a world of anti-Semitic racism and confides in Peck’s character for comfort. Proclaimed as his best performance, Garfield shines in this role and set the stage for many actors after him.
  5. "Four Daughters" John Garfield plays Mickey Borden, an angry young man who is friends with Felix Deitz (Jeffery Lynn), a young composer that the four daughters are trying to attract musically. Mickey, however, immediately falls for one of the daughters, Ann Lemp (Pricilla Lane), who has the interest of Felix, which creates the conflict of the story. John Garfield was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for this role.
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