5 Jump Shot Drills

Jump shot drills improve basketball player’s abilities for shooting and help reduce the chances that a jump shot is blocked. Drills for jump shots help the player learn to focus on their shooting and increases their vertical jumping abilities. Jump shot drills are good for any level of coaching and can help improve even younger players abilities. The following are five good drills for a basketball jump shot. 

  1. Drive and jump shot drill. This drill focuses on a short drive and then a jump shot. Have the offensive players start at their normal positions. Drive the ball a short distance to the right or the left, one or two dribbles, stop and shoot the ball. Return to the starting position and perform the drill again, this time going to the opposite direction (If they moved right last time then move left this time.). Allow the pivot player to work in the rotation as well for practice.
  2. Jump shots from a standing position. This drill will help improve overall jump shot performance and accuracy by taking the momentum out of the shot and focusing on simple jump shot skills. Have the offensive players start at their normal positions. Take two strides towards the basket. If they still have trouble making the shot due to distance they can move forward as appropriate. Each line will get a ball for practice. Have the first player in line start by receiving the ball and passing to the next player in line. The receiving player will then, immediately take a jump shot. Then they will retrieve the ball and pass to the next player in line.
  3. No charge jump shot drill. This drill will help especially if the players have trouble moving too far forward, due to momentum, and landing on the defensive player. This drill is much like the drive and jump shot drill except a chair is placed in front of the shooting location. This will help the player focus on making a solid stop and jumping straight up in order to avoid landing on the chair.
  4.  Quick stop jump shooting drill. This drill is excellent, especially for younger players, to learn to stop quickly from high-speed and maintain balance while shooting the ball. Start by creating three lines; one line under the basket, one group outside the three point line to pass, and another line on the other side to receive the pass. One player from the receiving group will run to catch the pass and the passer will pass them the ball (Note: The pass should be completed just before the free throw line.).The receivers will then stop and perform a jump shot. The players under the basket will then catch the rebound, pass to the next passer and rotate to the end of the passer line. The shooter will rotate to the line under the basket and the passer will rotate to the shooter line. This will make sure all players get a chance at each position.
  5. Quick stop with defense. Invariably, players will need to make jump shots under pressure from a defense player. This drill is just like the quick stop drill, listed previously, however the player under the basket will drive forward and play defense to the shooter. The rotation can stay the same.

The jump shot is one of the most basic and most important shots for any basketball team to learn and master. More points are scored by jump shots than any other shot and thus the importance of jump shot drills is increased. These popular jump shot drills will help a basketball teams jump shot performance at any level.

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