5 Jump Training Shoes

These 5 jump training shoes are great for athletes seeking to increase their jump height. From basketball to cross-training, these shoes are superb and facilitate overall improvement. For both strength and vertical jump height, these shoes will do wonders.

  1. ATI Katapult Training Shoes. The ATI Katapult training shoes have a unique design, whereby the forepart of the shoe is the main focus for the wearer's weight. With lightweight material, it allows the wearer incredible mobility and flexibility while training. These shoes are exceptional for those seeking to gain height and calf strength.
  2. Nike Shox Sculpt Trainer. These training shoes are not just for jumping, but also for kicking and general workout training. The shoe's heel has exceptional cushioning, giving the wearer everything needed to gain higher jumps and a better training session. The shoe is also breathable and features a practical, lightweight material.
  3. Strength Systems Strength Training Shoes. These training shoes are ideal for gaining lower leg strength and, consequently, achieving higher jumps. These jump training shoes are designed so that all of the body's weight is supported by the lower legs (calves). The shoes promise to help you gain five to ten inches if worn while following the jump training program.
  4. Strength Plyometric Jump Training Shoes. These shoes feature extra material in the front to ensure all the weight will be towards the heel. Thus, the calves do all the work, creating higher jumps with proper use and training. As a result, these shoes are absolutely one of the 5 best jump training shoes.
  5. Jumpsoles Jump and Speed Training Shoes. These shoes are designed to build the muscles of the lower leg, creating more strength and thereby more jumping height. Unlike most other jump shoes, these feature velcro straps and are extremely open to allow breathability. Along with jump height, the wearer's speed will also increase significantly.
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