5 Kama Sutra Foreplay Tips

Before your next sensual and steamy love-making session here are 5 Kama Sutra foreplay tips to give you some useful and different advice that most westerners are not familiar with. We are living in an age where everything seems to happen too fast. What about if we play a little bit slower and spice up the mood with some ancient wisdom.

  1. Kama Sutra Embrace. The art of foreplay, according to Kama Sutra, involves doing embraces before any sexual intercourse. This is not the same as hugging someone. The approach here is to embrace with the body instead of with the arms. You can touch, rub, pierce and press with the front part of your body such as the belly, chest, shoulders and so on. The idea is to generate a touching sensation and not lose control to immediately touch with your hands. You can include some soft kisses, trying to just brush each other’s lips and then start touching again. This action can be done standing or lying on the bed.  
  2. Kama Sutra Kiss. Let’s follow the guidelines of this Indian book. Kissing action should be done with moderation. This is an important fact that must be adhered to. Increasing speed and intensity of this step will end up accelerating the whole process. This is foreplay, so learn the slow steps first. You can kiss wherever you want but it would be better that you start exploring some places other than the very well known erogenous zones.
  3. Kama Sutra Nail. During this part you can use your nails for three different and useful moves. You can use them by pressing, marking or scratching. This is done when the action is becoming more intense. If you do it before, it will not have the same result as there is no intensity behind the action. The book mentions four different situations when you can apply these actions which are on the first visit, at the time of setting out on a journey, on the return of a journey and after reconciliation of a fight. The action of the nails can be done in combination with bites for those who find it pleasant. Remember not to do it with much force.
  4. Kama Sutra Bite. In this ancient book “The Bite” has a separate chapter with its own explanation. For example, all the places that can be kissed can also be bitten. But there are some exceptions like the upper lip, the interior of the mouth and the eyes. You can start practicing “Line of the Jewels” which is a kind of bite that is done with all the teeth. Of course, you must remember that this can only be done with the woman’s consent as some of them do not like it. So please choose wisely. Here you will have to classify woman by personality of course.
  5. Kama Sutra Foreplay Tuition. All the different kinds of foreplay are useless and empty if they are practiced without understanding the Kama Sutra philosophy. Only by understanding it will you be able to see the true difference of the application of these tips rather than using these tips without the right background. The practice of dancing, playing instruments, singing, writing, drawing and the having the proper environment also contribute to the whole foreplay setting. All these tips need to be practiced every time to intensify sensual pleasure.
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