5 Kayak Fishing Tips

If you are new to kayak fishing, then five kayak fishing tips would probably be very beneficial to you, whether you are an experience kayak fisherman or just a beginner looking to try your hand at the game. By following these tips, I guarantee that you will have a more fun kayak fishing, and will that you can also be more sure of your safety while out there on the waters.

  1. Bring everything you that you will need out on the waters. This ranges everything from food to extra fishing line. The most important thing is you leave with everything that you definitely will need. Avoid having to go back to your cabin/hotel/house to get anything when you were all set and ready. 
  2. Always make sure you and everyone on your fishing kayak are wearing life jackets. No matter how much of a Michael Phelps you think you are, there are factors in water, such as undertow and drop offs that could be deadly to you or anyone on the fishing kayak. Also keep in mind that if someone is refusing to wear a life jacket on your boat and they get hurt, it’s going to be your wallet their after!
  3. Avoid heavily trafficked areas where swimmers and other kayak fishers congregate. If you are around these people, you will end up either 1) competing over the fish while fishing or 2) getting annoyed with the people out in the water splashing around scaring away the fish. So just try and find a place where there are no more than one or two other kayak fisherman within a quarter of a mile radius.
  4. Bring people out on the water who know the basics of not just kayak fishing, but regular fishing as well. Some of the most basic fishing knowledge is that you can’t make any sudden movements or loud noises as this will scare off the fish. If you are trying to decide whether or not to bring someone, consider their personality and if they have the capacity to keep quiet and gentle when necessary.
  5. Don’t be discouraged if on your first time of kayak fishing you don’t catch anything. It is a different experience than regular fishing because in kayak fishing there are other factors to consider, such as the limited space and the rocking of the boat!



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