5 Kayaking Safety Facts

These 5 kayaking safety facts can save your life. Safety should be priority one whenever you take to the water. Drowning accidents happen each year in all areas where people practice water activities. Crashes during kayaking can result in broken bones or overexposure to the elements. Follow these kayak safety tips to avoid disaster and keep your trip fun and safe.

  1. You need the proper equipment. Possibly the most important kayaking safety fact is that you need the proper equipment. Jumping into the water on a kayak without the proper equipment can quickly lead to disaster. You need goggles to protect your eyes from blinding glares and flying objects such as bugs, leaves or dirt. Gripping gloves keep the paddle securely in hand, keeping it from slipping away and leaving you without a mode of movement. Protective foot gear is needed in case you are forced to get into the water. A life jacket becomes a life saver if the kayak tips over or runs into debris in the water.
  2. It is necessary to watch the weather. This safety fact for kayakers revolves around carefully watching the weather patterns for the intended kayaking area. Any threat of severe weather should be heeded. Flash floods can wash a kayaker into unknown territory quickly. Blinding rain or heavy wind can obstruct a kayaker's view and tip the vessel over.
  3. Take a chosen path. Mapping your trip is an important safety tip for kayaking which prevents sportsmen from becoming lost in remote areas. If you are unfamiliar with an region, carefully look at an up-to-date map before deciding on the trip.
  4. Share information. Sharing information about the planned trip is a kayaking safety tip that is not practiced often enough. Letting someone else know your planned trip will save time in a search should you become lost.
  5. Never mix alcohol or drugs and kayaking. The final kayaking safety fact is that drugs and alcohol do not mix with kayaking. Stay free of any judgment-impairing substances prior to all kayaking trips.



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