5 Kenmore Refrigerator Troubleshooting Tips

Issues with kitchen appliance can be stressful, but with these 5 Kenmore refrigerator troubleshooting tips, diagnosis of the problem will be easy. Kenmore is a trusted brand name for all kitchen appliances. Their refrigerators have improved by design and include nifty gadgets. The looks of the classic refrigerator have changed, but the inner mechanics have not. With these tips, you will not panic when you are facing issue with your Kenmore refrigerator.

  1. The freezer in you Kenmore refrigerator is always warm. A packed freezer can also be the culprit. Air circulation in the freezer can be inhibited by cluttered items.  Free up some space to improve circulation.
  2. The Kenmore refrigerator has a pool of water forming inside. Check the drain tube to see if it is blockedUnplug the refrigerator and locate the drain plug.  This drain tube should be at the back or bottom of the Kenmore refrigerator. Use a turkey basting tool to force bleach and warm water solution through the tube.  Afterward remove and clean the drain pain underneath the Kenmore refrigerator.
  3. There is water forming on the outside of your Kenmore refrigerator. The drain pain is the first place to check. Frost and ice can melt during a defrost cycle.   The water from the defrost cycle should evaporate due to the heat from the refrigerator. At times, excessive water may build up faster than it evaporates. Check the drain pain annually for issues.
  4. The Kenmore refrigerator starts and stops frequently. Check the compressor at the back of your Kenmore refrigerator. This issue can be caused by dirty condenser coils. Clean off the coils, and check the refrigerator to see if the problem persists.
  5. There is a bad odor inside your Kenmore refrigerator. If the odor does not originate from food, the next check should be the drain pan. The drain pan is located underneath your Kenmore refrigerator. Try to clean and disinfect the drain pan. 
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