5 Kickboxing Kicks

In order to master kickboxing, you need to know these 5 kickboxing kicks. After all, "kick" is a primary word in the sport's name. The more kicks you master, the better chance you have of surprising your opponent. You don't want to become predictable, when it comes to kickboxing. Therefore, if you increase the kickboxing kicks in your repertoire, you will be more dangerous, and thus, more successful.


  1. Hook Kick (heel kick). The way to perform a kickboxing hook kick, also known as a heel kick, is by extending the leg out to the side of your body, and then hooking the leg back to strike the head with either the heel or sole
  2. Crescent Kick and forward crescent kick. The inward/inner/inside crescent strikes with your instep. Its arch is clockwise for your left leg and counter-clockwise for the right leg. Use your legs' hip adduction to create force. The inward variety is also known as a hangetsu geri (Crescent moon kick) in karate and is employed to "wipe" an opponents hand off of your wrist. It can oftentimes be followed up by an immediate low side-blade kick to the knee of the offender.
  3. Axe Kick. The kickboxing axe kick is a stomp out kick or axe kick. The stomp kick usually involves a downward motion, and connects with the opponent on the side or base heel.
  4. Back Kick. Use the bass heel of the foot to connect on a back kick.
  5. Sweeping. You can "sweep" one foot, or both feet of an opponent, depending upon their position, balance and strength, when doing a sweeping kick.
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