5 Kickboxing Routines

Looking for 5 kickboxing routines? Discovering a kickboxing routine is a personal style choice, but the 5 basic routines always remain the same. The 5 best kickboxing routines work the primary kickboxing functions. These routines make for training sessions that concentrate on the finer points of kickboxing. Kickboxing is a popular component of martial arts. It offers the luxury of combining devastating kicks with powerful strikes. Learning these 5 routines will send you on your way to becoming a successful kickboxer. Here are 5 of the best routines for training for kickboxing.

  1. Foot routines. Work your kicks either against a heavy bag, focus pads or by sparring. Work all three kick routines: front, back and side. Working the kicks and practicing them will make them second nature. When engaged, you do not want to have to think about the kicks; they should flow freely.
  2. Hand routines. Striking is an important part of kickboxing. Without the hands, you are missing the "boxing" part of kickboxing. Work this routine to include the major striking components, such as hooks, jabs, crosses, uppercuts and body punches. Use either focus mitts or a heavy bag to work this area.
  3. Combination routines. Now that you have your kicking and striking routines set, mix them into combinations. To work the combination routine, you can use either a heavy bag or a sparring partner. Take the routines from both the kicking and striking and fold them together. Mix striking with kicking, using both aspects to gain an advantage.
  4. Cardiovascular routines. This is very important and often misunderstood. Many feel the kicking and striking routines work cardio, and they do, but not to the proper extent. Fold in jumping rope, running, cycling or whatever your favorite routine may be. You need to work cardio as a separate routine to stay fit and extend your endurance.
  5. Weightlifting routines. This is the final component to your kickboxing training. The heavy bag will work arm and leg fatigue by working the muscle groups based on impact stress. Weight training will build the necessary muscles in the arms and legs to increase your strength and overall stamina.
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