5 Kitchen Design Ideas For Men

There are 5 kitchen design ideas for men that will make it easier to enter the room and show off their skills. The kitchen is no longer the domain of women, making it important that each man designs and decorates the room to his liking. So go ahead, chop, sauté and bake amidst these 5 design ideas that are guaranteed to make the room man-friendly.

  1. Install a butcher’s block. A butcher’s block, a large slab of untreated wood, is where a butcher cuts an animal into human sized portions of meat. There is, therefore, potentially no item that is more quintessentially masculine. Many kitchen stores sell butcher block tables that can be used as an island. If, however, your kitchen does not have space for an island, purchase a block and set it on your countertop. This unaltered wood block will create the feeling of professionalism in the room. You can carry this feeling into other areas of the kitchen by hanging pans from the ceiling and attaching knives to magnetic strips behind the stove. Voila! Your kitchen will display to all just how great of a chef you truly are.
  2. Keep it open. A new trend in kitchen design is to forgo cabinet doors. Having open shelves creates the feeling of a usable kitchen reminiscent of a rustic cottage. This design idea will, furthermore, permit you to show off your collection of dishes and cookware. In this design, though, make sure that the insides of your cabinets are painted and clean, or the room could end up looking like it’s under construction. If money isn’t an object for you, consider installing one of the new glass-door refrigerators.
  3. Make it a living space. Even if your kitchen does not hold your dining table, you can make it a place where guests gather. Keep plenty of stools and chairs in the room to permit visitors to lounge at ease and converse with you while you cook; don’t worry, the days of keeping your guests ignorant of your hard work in front of the stove are over. To make it extra livable, ensure that each guest will have space to put down her drink and join you in the work.
  4. Go black and white. Black and white kitchens appear very costly but are really not because there is less work involved in creating those colors. Using black and white checkered tile and a black and white countertop will provide you with a crisp looking kitchen that both evokes the past while appearing new. Keep everything within the black and white theme, including appliances and dishes. If you feel bold, you can introduce a contrasting bold color, such as red, in your small appliances, such as a blender.
  5. Make it antique. Consider introducing antique design elements into your kitchen to give it a relaxed atmosphere. This does not mean that you need to keep ancient appliances, but rather that you could change drawer pulls to obtain that feeling. Countertops can be made of tile rather than granite to add to the feeling.
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