5 Kobe Bryant Fights

If you're a Kobe Bryant fan, remember these 5 Kobe Bryant fights? Let's take a trip down memory lane with arguably the most polarizing NBA player ever.

  1. A legal battle based on a sexual assault allegation. One Kobe Bryant fight was a lengthy, horrendous legal battle that occurred in 2003. In this incident, a hotel worker accused the celebrity of sexual assault while in his hotel room. Despite his denial of the assault, the case resulted in his reputation being tarnished for years. A settlement ensued and, given the confidential terms, there was no public discussion or disclosure.
  2. A fight with future teammate Ron Artest. Another noteworthy Kobe Bryant fight involved a dispute with his later to be teammate, Houston Rockets' Ron Artest. In this altercation, Bryant made a questionable move when he harshly elbowed Ron Artest in the neck. This move was declared a foul, which led to a heated argument between the two players. There was also some dispute as to exactly where on his body Artest was struck.
  3. An altercation involving Reggie Miller. The Kobe Bryant fight involving Reggie Miller was captured by the media and remains immortalized on internet videos. In this fight, things escalated to a point where each team's players had to pry the two basketball stars apart. Later, Bryant and Miller were suspended by the NBA. 
  4. A heated brawl with opponent Raja Bell. Basketball fans reacted very strongly to the Kobe Bryant fight involving Raja Bell in 2006. Bell's clothesline on Kobe was brutal. This fight continued well after the game with a verbal exchange. Funny enough, Kobe was rooting very hard for Bell to join the Lakers team a few years later.
  5. A verbal dispute-fueled fist fight with Chris Childs. The Chris Childs quite violent for a NBA fight. Neither player backed down, thus, they squared off on the basketball court. A simple Youtube search will result in many videos of the heated fight.
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