5 Lamborghini Murcielago Tuning Tips

Need to know five Lamborghini Murcielago tuning tips? You've come to the right place. When tuning a Lamborghini Murcielagio, you can tune it in many ways. You can tune it to make it more comfortable for you, you can tune it to make it go faster, or you can tune it to make it look more stylish! You can even combine the three! Here, we're going to tell you how to tune it to make the Lamborghini more comfortable, make it go faster and make it look more stylish! However, if you're not willing to have the patience to upgrade the parts one at a time, then you could simply buy and have a dealer install a tuning kit for you. However, be warned that it may not suit your needs. Overall, upgrading piece by piece is much more rewarding in the end!
  1. Carbon fiber upgrade. This is a lighter material than the metal that the Lamborghini uses on their Murcielago. If you use carbon fiber instead of the metal, then your Lamborghini car will naturally go faster! Also, it's a bit more stylish as well. In this step, you'd want to replace as many of the exterior parts as possible, from the doors, to the rims, to the hood as well! However, try not to go too far though.
  2. Add or upgrade the spoiler! Here, you can install any types of spoilers you want. There are many types of spoilers that you can install for many different purposes, but there are too many different types to list here. You can also install a spoiler made out of carbon fiber! Mainly, you'd want to install a spoiler that looks great and can increase aerodynamics as well!
  3. Put on new side vents. Upgrading the side vents will increase air flow, which will make the Lamborghini go faster.
  4. Upgrading the other exterior components. You also should upgrade things like the doors and the roof as well. The doors should still remain wing doors, which are doors that open from the top. Keep in mind that all the exterior components can be tuned to your choice. You can also change the layout of the body in general. Customize the car to your liking!
  5. Upgrade the interior! You want to do this to make the car much more comfortable for you. You can use materials like ostrich leather for the chairs and more of the interior. You can also change the steering wheels and the seats. However, all this should be of your preference. Make sure you know that it will be comfortable to your own preference.
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