5 Language Clues That A Woman Is A Lesbian

If you're wondering why that girl is not buying your pickup lines, learn the 5 language clues that a woman is a lesbian. It can probably be frustrating when you are using your ultimate pick up lines to impress a young lady, but she is not budging. Could it be possible that she is not in to you, or any man for that matter?  Do not take it personal, it might not be your pick up line, it may be your anatomy. If you are not sure of her sexual orientation, pay attention to some of the clues below.

  1. She wants to be just friends. No matter how much you two hang out, you cannot even get to first base. She consistently says how great of a friend you are to her.  She even invites you on outings with her other girlfriends
  2. Pay attention to how she interacts with woman. Take note of how she is with her friends or any females. Is she casual with them or is she very flirtatious, does she look them in their eyes and use a lot of physical contact? If so that is a sign that she may be a lesbian.
  3. She Talks highly of one special girl. There is a big difference from a woman talking about her best girlfriend and her lover. If she talks about how beautiful her “friend” is and how she makes her feel then she is probably a lesbian. Single woman do not brag that highly of their friends.
  4. She asks you to go to a gay club. Although straight people hang out at gay clubs, they will seem a little foreign in the club. If she is very comfortable with the scene, they she may be a regular. The absolute give away is if the bartenders know her name.
  5. Ask her views on gay marriage. This is a great way to solve this mystery. She will show a very special side when answering this question. Her response will more likely come from a personal place, rather than as an uninvolved point of view.
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