5 Lap Dogs That Don’t Shed

For lovers of lap dogs who don't want to end a petting session coated in dog hair, the logical choice for canine companions are 5 lap dogs that don't shed. Well, that's not exactly true. All dogs, except totally hairless dogs, shed to some degree as it's just the nature of the beast. But, there are lap dogs that don't seem to shed as much as their hair is a different texture or they have a single coat, instead of a protective undercoat, or they only shed minimally during certain seasons of the year.

The list below are 5 lap dogs that have minimal shedding and a very quick overview of their basic breed characteristics. And, as always, your best canine pal just might be sitting at a local rescue or animal shelter. Run your hand over any dog's coat and see how much fur comes off as an indicator of shedding. And, remember, you can always minimize shedding with frequent grooming, clipping, and brushing.

  1. The Chinese Crested. These small dogs are about the strangest looking creature going in the canine world. Bred to be mostly hairless (yes, you read that right), the Chinese Crested might have a bit of white fluff just on the top of his head, on the tip of his tail, and on one or more feet. If you didn't know about this breed, you might well think something is wrong with him. But, the Chinese Crested is a wonderful lap dog and will sleep as long as you'll let him. Beware though, this lap dog might not do so well in cold climates as he must have a coat, just like you do, to keep warm.
  2. The Xoloitzcuintli. Yes, that's a real dog. The "Xolo" for short is bred to be totally bald although most have just a tuff of fur somewhere on their body. About 75% of Xolos though are considered totally hairless. For the best lap dog Xolo, choose the toy variety which only gets to be around fifteen pounds or so. Xolos do need a frequent romp though so make sure you have time to dote on this adorable creature.
  3. The Poodle. For one of the best and smartest lap dogs who don't shed a lot, consider a small (miniature or toy) poodle. Poodles have been over characterized as high strung, yappy dogs but, with proper exercise and obedience training, a Poodle will be one of the best lap dogs around. Highly intelligent, this breed can also be trained to retrieve small items, such as tissues or paper that is dropped.
  4. The Maltese. This white ball of fluff is also fairly intelligent but may be a bit more maintenance than a Poodle, grooming-wise. The Maltese has a longer coat and will need frequently brushing to remove any dead hair and to keep the coat from tangling. But, the Maltese makes a wonderful lap companion for cold winter nights and is a very loving dog.
  5. The Basenji. Most people think of the Basenji as the dog who doesn't bark. But that doesn't mean that the Basenji is silent, by any means. A Basenji will moan, whine and let you know exactly what he thinks in his own terms. He just doesn't bark in the traditional sense of the word. The Basenji was bred as a hunting dog so may need more exercise to drain excess energy, but, once tired, the Basenji will be quite happy to be close to a lap. And, although a Basenji may shed a bit more than the other lap dogs listed above, this dog may just be a bit more versatile and will be happy to retrieve whatever frisbee or tennis ball you send his way.
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