5 Lebron James Jump Shot Tips

These 5 Lebron James jump shot tips will help improve your own game. The NBA's Most Valuable Player of the 2009 season is feared not only for getting points with his incredible athleticism but also from his consistent outside sniping. Learn how to be a better shooter with these simple, easy to follow Lebron James jump shot tips.

  1. Position your body correctly. Position and balance is key. Make sure that your feet should be around shoulder width apart. While old-school instruction manuals teach beginners to set both shoulders square to the basket, Lebron James favors the newer approach where the shoulder with the shooting hand is oriented towards the basket and the non-shooting shoulder is angled slightly back.
  2. Mind the ball. Place the basketball close to your chest, a few inches below your chin. Set your shooting hand comfortably underneath the ball and a little towards the back. Spread your fingers but avoid touching the ball with your palm. The non-shooting hand should be placed on the side of the ball for support.
  3. Remember to jump straight up. Don't worry about that fancy fade away shot right now. Using your feet, knees and legs to propel yourself, jump straight up. Lock your wrist and cock it back. Your non-shooting hand should help guide the ball. For better consistency, emulate the way Lebron James tucks his elbows inwards.
  4. Shoot and follow through. When you hit the apex of your jump, Flick your wrist and roll the ball off your fingers. Follow through with your hand and arm.
  5. Keep practicing. Although born with a perfect combination of size and athleticism, "King" James became the player that he is through constant practice. Jump shots are all about muscle memory. The more you shoot, the more you get better. Keep practicing and be more confident.
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