5 Leg Spin Bowling Tips

These 5 leg spin bowling tips can help you become a better cricket player and impress your friends and teammates at the same time. Once you master these leg spin bowling tips, you will be able to overcome your opponents and score much needed points for your cricket team.

To do this, you need:

  • Cricket ball
  • Ground markers
  1. Keep the ball loose in your hand. This is important to remember because it’s easy to get tense when you are trying to master the leg spin while bowling.  If you’re gripping the ball too tightly, you won’t get a good bowl, no matter how amazingly you accomplish the leg spin.
  2. Place markers along the ground for the run up. When doing a leg spin, you might find that you can’t stay in a straight line while doing the run up. When you practice the leg spin, have a series of markers on the ground to ensure you keep a straight line up to the crease.
  3. Start by walking. As you practice the leg spin, start by walking up to the crease and bowling. During a game, you would off course be moving quickly, but you can get the form right easier when you move slowly and release the ball at just the right moment.
  4. Try out different things. Watch professional leg spin bowlers to get an idea of the various forms you can try. There is no one way, so you should try out a variety to see which one feels most natural to you and which one will get you the most speed and accuracy when you bowl.
  5. Follow through appropriately. The act of bowling during the leg spin should be a concentrated effort. Then, once you let go of the ball, you can exert the energy you’ve accumulated on the run up. Exerting all your energy beforehand on a leg spin will cause the bowl to be inaccurate and sloppy.



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