5 Lindsay Lohan Rumors

Curious about 5 Lindsay Lohan rumors? Rumors abound about actress and singer Lindsay Lohan. In fact, they've gotten so bad, she's written a song called "Rumors," in which she sings, "But I can tell that you're watching me / And you're probably gonna write what you didn't see / Well I just need a little space to breathe / Can you please respect my privacy?" Here are 5 Lindsay Lohan rumors currently circulating in the media.

  1. Lindsay Lohan has a prescription drug addiction. Lohan recently put this one to rest in an interview with Samantha Harris of "Entertainment Tonight." When asked if she has a drug problem, she claimed to be drug-free, and said, "No, I don't. No, I don't. I work. And, if I go out with my friends, I am 23 and I am allowed to do that." Still, it's one of the most popular Lindsay Lohan rumors of the moment.
  2. Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian. This rumor caught fire about two years ago, when Lohan was seen holding hands with and kissing DJ Samantha Ronson on the mouth at a party. "People" magazine photographed it all, fueling the fires. Lohan has never confirmed nor denied this rumor, claiming Ronson is her "girlfriend," keeping this Lindsay Lohan rumor alive.
  3. Lindsay Lohan is HIV-positive. Recently, someone hacked into Lohan's dad Michael's Twitter account and posted this nasty rumor, which he vehemently denies. The story was that Lohan supposedly had an affair with Tommy Mottola when she was 17 and emerged from that affair HIV-positive. While Lohan's estranged dad denies Tweeting this, Lindsay says she wouldn't put it past her dad to lie about her health. Whatever the origin, it's one of the juiciest rumors surrounding Lindsay Lohan.
  4. Lindsay Lohan has had plastic surgery. In the Hollywood world of having plastic surgery for everything from a hangnail to a nose job, upon hearing this rumor some may wonder, "So what?" A plastic surgeon says that Lohan probably has had her upper lip filled, giving her an older appearance. This is one Lindsay Lohan rumor that we really don't care that much about.
  5. Lindsay Lohan is a secret hoarder. This rumor recently emerged on the television show "The Insider," when Niecy Nash visited Lohan at her home and discovered it to be a complete mess. Lohan admits to buying way more clothing and shoes than she'll ever wear, having racks of dresses she's never even worn. Does this really make her a hoarder, though, or is it just another Lindsay Lohan rumor currently being batted around?



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