5 Living Room Wall Decor Tips For Men

To make your living room feel inviting and reflect your personality, use these 5 living room wall decor tips for men. The idea is not have your living room look like it could belong to just anybody. Making it your own the right way can also make it stylish.

  1. Keep it simple. When you are decorating, one of the most important living room wall décor tips is to make it look like it was effortless. A couple of large paintings or prints may be all it takes to achieve the look you want. The goal is to focus on just pieces of art instead of being distracted by cluttered walls.
  2. Make it personal. Your living room wall décor should reflect your interests. If you go to art openings or consider yourself a creative person, a special painting might be your choice. If you are into animals, find interesting animal prints. Frame a collection of those items and hang them on one living room wall.
  3. Use the right scale. Hanging an object that is too small on a huge wall in your living room can make it seem out of place. Try grouping small objects together in an organized way to make a bigger impact in your living room. Keeping the same amount of space between each piece keeps it cohesive.
  4. Hang it at the right height. Your living room wall décor should be positioned correctly to make it work. The center of a framed piece of art should be at eye level so the viewer can appreciate it directly. If you are hanging a piece over the sofa in your living room, keep it fairly close to the furniture to tie it all together. A small piece can be hung above a small table so it forms a grouping.
  5. Get creative. If you really want to show your personality, you can choose something besides artwork. If you travel to Japan often and love the culture, bring back a kimono and hang it on a bamboo pole on a large living room wall. If you are a musician, hang a selection of musical instruments on the wall. 
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