5 Long Distance Relationship Sex Ideas

Long distance relationships can be challenging, but these 5 long distance relationship sex ideas can keep the fires burning. Having sex in a long distance relationship is not impossible. Sex in a long distance relationship can be frustrating. These five ideas however can cure some of those long distance sex needs in such a relationship, if only for a moment.

  1. Idea One, Web Cam Sex: Long distant relationships that allow be cam sex encounters can provide some satisfaction. Set the mood for your long distance web cam sexual relationship with mood lighting, music and privacy. Try playing web sex games with your long distance lover or simple get down to cyber business.
  2. Idea Two, Cyber Sex: Enter a chat room, open or private and proclaim your sexual desires. This long distance sex idea is very basic. Get a cyber room and chat up how you want to explore and satisfy one another. This long distant idea can be spiced up in cyber groups, cyber play and share rooms or simply in a private room to yourselves.
  3. Idea Three, Sexting (with pics): You will need privacy at both ends for this but this can be an all day affair. Start out with flirty text and then as the day goes on ramp it up a bit. Take the texting to sexual levels and when the time is right, mix in some self pics. Make then tease at first but then take your long distant sexual relationship to the soft porn levels. This is a neat way to spice up a long distance relationship.
  4. Idea Four, Phone Sex: This is a long distance relationship sex standby. Phone sex can be loads of fun as straight up sex or role-play. Considering listening to your long distance lover giving herself an orgasm or pretending like she forgot to hang up the phone and is doing the cable guy. This long distance sex idea can be as fun as your imagination will allow.
  5. Idea Five, Close the Distance: Why not take your long distance love affair and close the gap. Go see her, surprise her and sex her up. Nothing beats the real thing and if closing the distance on your long distance relationship is possible, take the time. Consider making it a surprise and consider sprinkling in some romance.
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