5 Longest Lasting Football Gloves

The 5 longest lasting football gloves will be examples of absolute quality and value for your purchasing dollar. These are football gloves that feature the always-valuable properties of durability, high-quality and both excellent design and construction, ensuring years and years of consistent use. The next time you want to make a catch deep in the endzone or merely just want to hang on to the football long enough to evade tacklers, look into these longest lasting football gloves.

  1. Reebok NFL Fade Football Gloves. The Reebok NFL Fade Football Gloves take the top spot as the best longest lasting football gloves because of their single-layer, ultra-lite technology. Put simply, this technology, which increases moisture wicking along with air flow, will help you hold on to the footballs you catch with greater surety.
  2. Adidas Corner Blitz Football Glove. At number two comes this football glove by Adidas, a glove that features a lightweight and ergonomic cut. With a palm that is made out of tackified silicone, this Adidas glove also includes a great ventilation system that won't let your hand get sweaty, which would normally lead to your losing your grip on the football. Such a commitment to great ventilation assures this glove the two spot.
  3. Cutters Yin Yang Wide Receiver Football Gloves. These longest lasting football gloves from Cutters are designed for long years of continuous use. Due to their C-Tack grip material, these gloves are assured to not only perform well in most any weather conditions, but also to be self-restoring. For that dedication to preserving its life, these gloves get awarded the number three position.
  4. Nike Super Bad Football Glove. Nike's longest lasting football glove is not only durable…it is also super bad. Every time you make a reception or get the ball through a hand-off, you can feel your super bad self taking the ball in your glove's sure grip all the way to the endzone for an easy touchdown. Coming with a dual-tension strip for a really secure and snug fit, this football glove will feel like a part of you.
  5. Under Armour Blitz Receiver Glove. Under Armour's Blitz Receiver Glove is a double threat because it provides not only for breathable ventilation, but also for unsurpassed ball control. The great thing about this football glove is how quickly it transports moisture away from your skin due to its Heat Gear finger and thumb gussets and also its side panels.
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