5 Low Calorie Filling Foods

These 5 low calorie filling foods are great building blocks of any healthy diet. Foods that are filling and low calorie have a few things in common. Many are high in fiber or protein, both of which help to fill you up and keep you feeling full longer. Other filling low calorie foods contain a high amount of water to create more bulk with fewer calories.

  1. Cabbage. Cabbage is one of the most easy and versatile low calorie foods. It can be sliced and served as a simple wedge or shredded as the base for a salad. Cabbage pairs well with apples and onions as a healthy and low calorie salad. Cabbage can also be stir fried and served hot with an assortment of vegetables. One cup of chopped cabbage has 21 calories.
  2. Broccoli. Many vegetables are great filling, low calorie foods. Broccoli is a bulky vegetable that will help keep you full for a long period of time. It is also a great source of fiber and many vitamins and minerals. Broccoli can be eaten raw or steamed and served hot. One cup of chopped broccoli has just 31 calories.
  3. Watermelon. This summertime favorite is a great low calorie filling food. Watermelon is low in calories because it has a very high water content. It is also a delicious option that can be enjoyed year-round cut into wedges or cubes. It's also a great after-school snack for kids. One cup of diced watermelon has 46 calories.
  4. Apples. Apples are a delicious and high fiber fruit. They can be enjoyed on their own or with a small amount of peanut butter for a nutritious snack. One medium sized apple contains 95 calories.
  5. Cottage Cheese. Cottage cheese is a versatile, high-protein food that can be enjoyed on its own or with many low calorie accompaniments. Try it with a small amount of honey or fresh berries for a filling breakfast. A four-ounce portion of low-fat 1% milk fat cottage cheese has 81 calories.
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