5 Low Calorie Meal Ideas

Use these five low calorie meal ideas to make healthy but simple meals. A meal that includes vegetables and lean protein is always a good place to start.

  1. Wraps. Whole grain wraps filled with vegetables, low fat cheese and lean turkey can be an easy-to-prepare low calorie meal. Serve it with fruit for dessert.
  2. Fish. Any fish that is cooked by a healthy method, such as poaching, grilling or steaming is a low calorie meal option. Accompany the fish with a vegetable that you cook by the same method and you have an elegant and healthy meal. Eat a variety of fish to get the best health benefits.
  3. Salad. Use any salad greens you like. Spinach, romaine, baby lettuces are all great options. Top it with lean protein, a sprinkling of cheese, more vegetables and a light dressing and you have a quick and refreshing low calorie meal. Avoid heavy dressings, fried croutons and calorie-laden ingredients.
  4. Grilled meal. Fire up the grill and cook your favorite fish, chicken or lean beef. Alongside the meat you can grill vegetables as side dishes and even grill fruit for dessert. This summer meal doesn’t heat up the kitchen but it certainly will be a tasty meal in your repertoire.
  5. Soup. Making a meal of a hearty soup is an inexpensive yet low calorie option. Using vegetables, beans, legumes, and lean meat can make for a hearty soup. Leave out heavy cream and simply puree some of the vegetables or beans in the soup to thicken it. Serve it with whole grain bread or crackers for a balanced meal.
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