5 Luau Graduation Party Ideas

Looking for 5 luau graduation party ideas? If you want to throw a Hawaiian-themed bash, these luau graduation party ideas will help you set the scene for fun! Get ready to celebrate your student's hard-work by embracing your inner-beach bum with fun games, quirky surroundings and tasty drinks.

  1. Hire dancers. A troupe of professional hula dancers can take your luau gradation party to the next level. Professional event planners use this luau gradation party idea all the time. Check local talent agencies and belly dancing schools or post an ad online to find performers. When the show is over, ask the dancers to give lessons to willing guests.
  2. Create a signature beverage. Use coconut, fruit juices and other exotic ingredients to create a tropical punch or other signature drink. Don’t forget miniature umbrellas, cute drink favors and amusing glasses. Nothing says "luau graduation party" like drinks served out of a coconut shell!
  3. Have guests dress the part. Jeans and T-shirt ensembles are a serious no-no when it comes to luau graduation parties. In your invitations, ask your guests to wear luau-appropriate garb to your graduation party, like cute summer dresses, flower-print shirts and khaki shorts. Enforce the luau dress code at the door and keep cheap Hawaiian shirts on hand for guests that try to buck the system.
  4. Play luau-inspired party games. For example, crown a limbo champion, hold a hula-hoop tournament or single out the party-goers with the best Hawaiian shirts at your luau graduation party. Reward winners with sunglasses, nice beach towels or other luau party favors.
  5. Create a luau atmosphere. If you can, host your luau graduation party at the beach or poolside. Tiki torches, artificial palm trees and beach umbrellas can also help you set the scene. When guests arrive, you may want to present them with a lei of flowers. Florists can make beautiful flower necklaces with real blossoms. Budget-conscious party planners can opt for inexpensive plastic ones.
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