5 Male Sex Toys

Here are the best 5 male sex toys for those nights you're flying solo. Unfortunately, male sex toys are losing the race of creativity to female play things. Women have different machines to stimulate any and every erogenous area on their bodies. They've got machines that can simultaneously stimulate the vaginal, anal and clitoral areas. What do we have? Well, because our major area of sexual stimulation is the penis, 99 percent of all male sex toys are made for stimulating the penis. The five best sex toys are those toys that find unique ways to pleasure the penis.

  1. The Fleshlight It's like having a vagina in your pocket. This male sex toy is made in the shape of a flashlight, hence the name. In the place where the light bulb should be is a synthetic vaginal opening. What do we do with vaginas, gentlemen? Exactly. You simply insert your penis into the opening and grip the handle using the Fleshlight to masturbate. Though it doesn't particularly feel like the real thing, it is soft and warm on the inside and you'll have the same outcome as sticking it into the real thing. There are some variations to the Fleshlight's vaginal model including an anal model or a  synthetic mouth model.
  2. Vibrating Prostate Massager If you're into this sort of thing, this can be a very sexually stimulating product. It's shaped like a curved wand that you insert, well, into your butt. It's supposed to stimulate your prostate, causing you to have a very strong sexual release.
  3. Pleasure ring These battery-operated penal enhancers are normally used for shared stimulation purposes for you and your partner. When she's not around, it's a decent personal stimulator. This male sex toy wraps around your penis and sends a vibrating sensation throughout your shaft. It's a good way to get off in a pinch.
  4. The Pipedreams Multi-speed Turbo Stroker This is a pretty cool sex toy. You know how women have multi-speed vibrators? This is the male equivalent. It fits around your penis and you can control the speed and intensity of the massaging beads in the machine with a push of a button.
  5. Love dolls Although slightly perverted, these male sex toys probably give you the closest feeling to being with an actual person. Not to be confused with the run of the mill blow up dolls. Love dolls are total synthetic bodies. They have a fleshy feel to them. The mouth, vagina and anal openings are all accessible.
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