5 Martial Arts Punching Bag Training Tips

Here are 5 martial arts punching bag training tips to help you get a more effective workout. Hitting the heavy bag puts a tremendous strain on your hands and wrists, so be sure to use some tape or wraps to provide support. If you also intend to kick the heavy bag, consider using shin pads to prevent any lower leg injuries. Tape your ankles as well to give you extra protection, and buy a small mouthpiece to use during your workouts.

  1. Write down a workout plan based on your experience level. When you are new to martial arts, do not try to overdo it at first. If you are taking lessons, ask your instructor to help you design a workout that will coincide with what he is teaching you at the time. Have him give you some tips on striking techniques to help you avoid injury when hitting the heavy bag.
  2. Warm up and then start to hit the punching bag with some easy punches. Gradually start to increase the intensity of your kicks and punches, and move around the punching bag. Vary the location of your bag strikes, and keep your head moving as you would during a real fight.
  3. Take a rest after a few minutes and get a drink. Consider jumping some rope if you want to work on your cardio even more. Head back to the bag and try to pick up the pace for the next part of your workout. Work some elbow and knees strikes in with your kicks and punches, and use the proper technique to prevent an injury.
  4. Pound on the punching bag until you are gassed. As you become more accustomed to bag training, you will be able to increase the duration of your workouts. Ride a stationary bike or do some roadwork to help your endurance for future bag workouts. See how your equipment is holding up, and make sure your joints are able to handle the strain of the bag work or you may need to dial it down a notch.
  5. Keep a journal of your punching bag workouts. Include how long you were able to maintain decent intensity as you hit the bag. Identify any weaknesses you need to work on so you can focus on these areas the next time you hit the bag.
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