5 Mature Women With The Best Legs

With age comes wisdom, but for Made Man’s selections for 5 mature women with the best legs, it also comes with a nice set of gams. Plastic surgery may erase wrinkles and laugh lines. Botox might plump up shriveling lips. However, legs are another story. Either you’re born with them or you’re not. You can work them out to keep them toned, but for your legs to have real staying power, you need good genetics. Our choices have all that and more. We hope you enjoy our selections for the top five mature women with the best legs in showbiz.

  1. Tina Turner. Did you actually expect to see a list of mature women with the best legs that didn’t include the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll? Of course not! At 71 years old, Granny Tina’s go the best legs in all of senior-dom. Those legs have danced their way to numerous mature best legs lists over the years, and understandably so.
  2. Cher. The Goddess of Pop, at age 64, is nowhere near ready to hang up her fishnets when it comes to mature women with the best legs. You can still catch a glimpse of those gams (and a whole lot more worth watching) at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, where Cher performs "Cher" at the Colosseum.
  3. Raquel Welch. Known as much for her status as a sex symbol as she is for her acting career, Raquel Welch is still kickin’ at 70. Not only is she a mature woman with the best legs, but like her colleagues Cher and Tina Turner, Raquel is still working. She appears, most recently, in several Foster Grant commercials.
  4. Madonna. Like her, love her, or hate her, at 52, you have to admit those legs warrant inclusion of the Material Girl on our list of mature women with the best legs. Being the world record-holder as the top-selling female recording artist of all time is just a bonus.
  5. Jane Seymour. She started her rise to stardom as a Bond girl in 1973’s "Live and Let Die." However, she is best known for her role as Dr. Michaela Quinn in "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." At 59, this English beauty definitely deserves a spot amongst our nominations for mature women with the best legs.
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