5 Medium Style Haircuts For Men

Looking for 5 medium style haircuts for men? Hair can say a lot about a man, whether he is traditional, modern, or funky. Well when you have medium length hair, it may not seem like there are a lot of options for styling your hair, but in reality, there is more than you might think. No matter which style you want to wear, there is something out there for you that will catch every ones attention, in a good way. Here are the 5 best medium length hair cuts for men.

  1. The Zach Braff/ Robert Pattinson Style. This hair cut may look a little weird, but it gets the message of how unique you really are out. All you really need to do is cut it to a medium length, grab some mousse, and fluff it up so that it is not "spikey" but it is going in an upwards direction.
  2. The Zac Efron Cut. This hair style is similar to an emo hair style, but it is not nearly as long. To get your hair ready for this you will need to grow your hair out to a short medium length, and concentrate on growing out your bangs. When your bangs are down to your eye brows, simply brush them off to the right.
  3. Thomas Dekker Cut. This medium length hair cut is wildly popular among men. So what exactly is it? Pretty much just do not brush your hair. Grow your hair out in layers, starting from the top, gel it up, and mess it up. It takes a long time to grow it out since you need layers, but the look is worth it.
  4. Hugh Jackman Cut. The Hugh Jackman cut is a very vintage sort of look that you would expect to see in a 1980's movie about the mob. All you need to do is grow it out to a long medium length, and gel it back. It keeps he bangs out of your face and the ladies love it.
  5. Val Kilmer Cut.  This mens medium length cut may be last on the list, but it is just as good as the ones above. For this all you will need to do is grow your hair out to a long medium length, and part it in the middle. The hair on the left side of your heads goes down the left side of your face and vice  versa. It is another classic look that the ladies will fall in love with.
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