5 Mexican Actress Who Look Great Nude

These 5 Mexican actresses look great nude. There are definitely some beautiful Mexican actresses that are being overlooked, but these five are simply smoking hot. They've got that type of beauty that seems to just get better with age. Some may argue that there are other Mexican actresses that could be included in this list and they're absolutely right. But if you have to pick five beautiful Mexican actresses that look good nude, these girls would definitely have the most followers.

  1. Salma Hayek There's absolutely no surprise here. You just knew this brown bombshell would be on the list. Arguably one of the most beautiful actresses, Mexican or otherwise, she is absolutely mesmerizing. She stole the show in "From Dusk Till Dawn." Her sex scene in "Desperado" was one of the hottest in a mainstream movie, ever. Just take a look at her body. She has the perfect hourglass figure. She's got a beautiful butt, perfect breasts and the nicest set of legs any mortal woman could have. Oh, and her face is absolutely flawless. There's straight women that would love to see this Mexican actress nude.
  2. Fernanda Romero She's one of those sexy Mexican sirens that have done both Mexican movies and American cinema. This is great for the guys in the United States because you can get a glimpse at this beauty. She's got the angelic face of the girl next door with a sporty body that's just asking for trouble. Or better yet, asking you to join in the debauchery. Beautiful is not an adequate enough word to describe this dime piece. 
  3. Eva Longoria Parker You know just as well as the next guy that she's the real reason to watch those women from Wisteria Lane. This woman's body is hotter than the center of the desert at high noon. She doesn't have excessive curves, but the curves she does make her a road that anybody would want to drive. Men all over the world hate Tony Parker.
  4. Claudia Talancon Meet this Mexican TV starlet. She's talented, she's super hot and she's got curves all day long. She's bad enough to make you relocate to Mexico to try and meet her. You've been warned. She's definitely one of the finest Mexican actresses that would look gorgeous in the nude.
  5. Sandra Echeverria If you're not into Mexican TV series called "novelas," you should do some research: Sandra Echeverria. Her name alone can send chills down your body. Once you see her, it's like being a deer looking into headlights. You'll literally freeze looking at images of her. Though relatively thin-framed with modest sized breasts, these characteristics fit perfectly together. The girl is just bad in all the right ways. And her face is beautiful like a classic work of art. Forget seeing this Mexican actress nude, you'd want to see her in a wedding dress standing next to you at the alter.
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