5 Michael Jordan Jump Shot Tips

Michael Jordan is one of the best jump shot shooters so it is understandable that tons of people want to know 5 Michael Jordan jump shot tips. He had a talent that few others have had in the history of the NBA. You do not necessarily need this type of talent to shoot jump shots like MJ, but it wouldn't hurt. Jump shots are difficult to block and can be that game winning shot when it is done properly. Everyday people of all ages practice jump shots and here are 5 Michael Jordan jump shot tips that you can take back with you to the courts.

  1. Your form sets you up for perfection. If you have the right form you will have a larger chance of shooting a jump shot like Michael. Stand with your feet apart and your heels should be off the ground.
  2. If you are right-handed hold the ball in your right hand. Your left hand is then used as a guide as you release the ball from your hands.
  3. Shoot the ball with an arc. Make sure that when you release the ball from your arms that it is released high into the air. This will give it an arc shape and increase your chances of making the jump shot.
  4. Jump. These jump shots get their name because they involve jumping. You should jump upwards and try to land in the same spot as you jump up for the jump shot.
  5. It takes practice. the biggest Michael Jordan jump shot tip of all is practice. Jordan got so good at making jump shots in crucial moments because he was always practicing them. Just because you can't get it the first time this does not mean that you should give up trying to successfully complete a jump shot.
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