5 Mini Thanksgiving Dishes

Everyone fawns over the glorious roasted fowl during the Turkey Day, but there are five mini Thanksgiving dishes that will give the big bird a run for its money. This is the time of year where the excuse to eat senselessly is exercised diligently among those wanting a taste of this and that. No worries, it will all be exercised away in the New Year.

  1. Roasted Cornish Game Hens. This is a can’t miss among mini Thanksgiving dishes. Crispy, roasted hens with a hint of rosemary. A great substitute for the large bird.
  2. Mashed Potato Puffs. No need to heap large portions of mashed potatoes onto a plate. Mini mashed potato puffs offer flavor from the requisite spud, in a totally unique manner.  Bake in ramekins for individual servings and watch them rise. Throw in chives and garlic for additional flavor. While other mini Thanksgiving dishes come and go, potatoes are always welcome at the party.
  3. Sweet Potato Tartlets. This is one of those mini Thanksgiving dishes that makes you grin from ear to ear. The sweet potatoes are vibrantly colored, delightfully sweet, and the perfect complement to a delicious meal. Your favorite sweet potato pie recipe scaled down into single portions and baked in tart shells. All that is needed is a dollop or two of whipped cream.
  4. Macaroni Bites.  Who doesn't love cheesy macaroni for the holidays. Talk about decadence in one bite. Macaroni and cheese are cut into little squares, breaded, and fried to golden, gooey perfection.
  5. Cranberry Wontons. Twist the classic of all mini Thanksgiving dishes;cranberry sauce. Enjoy the teeniest bit of this sweet and tart berry in every bite. Sweetened cranberries and cream cheese are fried together in wonton wrappers. Crispy. Crunchy. Delicious.

The delight felt after eating these mini Thanksgiving dishes are enough to start a petition for making Thanksgiving a holiday each week. Make sure to kiss the chef.



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